DJ and designer Larry Tee, whom we interviewed for the printed journal we created in collaboration with Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, put together a list of commented songs for us. Enjoy your Monday and stay positively crazy!


Playlist by Larry Tee ; Illustration by Charlotte Clementine

1 Dorothy by Polo and Pan – the biggest earworm of a song that’s based on the Wizard of Oz! Catchy beyond all belief.

2 KLANK by Dense & Pika – Aggressive techno hip hop, whatever, great sound!

3 David Bowie Chris Apollo Is he here? Is David Bowie here exclaims Nina Simone in a live sample. New Talent allert.

4 OMAR-s Triangulum Australe (Say It In Space) – techno modern that takes me back to jam and spoon and forward to the mars landing.

5 Miley Cyrus‘ free album Dead Petz – Miley singing the Flaming Lips ‚Karen Dont be Sad‘ proves to me that this gorgeous voiced girl has some important things to say.

Berlusconi by Commerse – This unreleased gem by a techno modern dance group that writes songs about the unfair distribution of wealth.

Grid by Perfume Genius – This button pushing indie rock superstar in the making makes you squirm until you give in…which is inevitable.

8 Rob Hes‘ Raised by Another – hypnotic techno gem that grows and expands like baking fresh bread!

Boys Latin by Panda Bear. Video makes me crazy and the Post-Kraftwerk weirdo loopy beach boys classic never written makes me happy!